Team Alignment

When business owners and employees are focused on the main thing while using their unique gifts to work on the right priorities, the team as a whole is aligned.

Why It’s Important

Teams that are aligned are more effective and happier when accomplishing business goals. But no team can truly be aligned without first seeing each other. When team members have deep insights into themselves, others, and the organization, they trust one another more and achieve business goals. No trust equates to unsustainable achievements; great trust equals great impact.

team meeting
team meeting

How We Do It

The Hiring By Design approach to helping you build a high performing team begins with clarifying your critical outcomes, proceeding with a diagnostic of your team, conducting a talent map with recommendations, and then helping the leaders to innovate with the team by recognizing each other’s genius. This connection ultimately creates connections for benefit for all, not just some.

Success Stories

We win when our clients do. See what our clients said about Hiring By Design.

Tricia Neves has been providing me with excellent input and consulting on employment candidates since 2001. The results of the assessment process and her analysis are extremely accurate (second-to-none), very helpful, and reliable. I view Tricia as a member of my team and has always provided me with the best recommendations regarding candidate selection.

Tim Abbott
Vice President of Operations / Mission Landscape Maintenance

The assessments are so easy to administer and the turnaround is pretty much instantly. My favorite part is reviewing the results with Tricia. The depth of her experience interpreting the assessment results as they relate to specific roles is extremely insightful and completely on target. Internally the assessments have helped us improve teamwork and cohesion. Especially in situations where coaching and development is needed Tricia has provided valuable insights into employees behaviors and motivation, which allowed us to achieve great results.

Margit McPhillips
HR Manager | Silverado Contractors Inc.

Recognize Your Team’s Genius

Make “team alignment” more than a slogan in your organization
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