Selection & Hiring

You are committed to employing the best candidates to fill key positions while aligning talent growth with values.

When you have a gap in your organization, it becomes mission critical to identify the ideal traits of a candidate so that they can achieve the best results. Finding the best person with the best traits to fill the role is commonly known as the recruiting, candidate selection, or hiring process.

Why It’s Important

The selection and hiring process is important for one big reason: clarity. The clearer you are about the talent traits you’re looking for, the more streamlined your search process will be. When you find the right match with the right traits, they will be happier and more effective in their job.

team meeting
team meeting

How We Do It

The Hiring By Design way of selecting and hiring is identifying what “the job” needs to do in your organization, then utilizing extremely accurate talent measurement tools to transform a subjective trait analysis into an objective one. In doing so, we clarify what you are really looking for when getting the “job to talk.” You’ll walk away with the best candidate for a role AND a unique understanding of the people with whom you work.

Success Stories

We win when our clients do. See what our clients said about Hiring By Design.

Tricia’s passion and drive to guide organizations to hire the right talent is undeniable. She takes the time to understand an organization’s talent goals and very quickly adds value by utilizing all of the tools available to her. Her knowledge and understanding of what motivates people is remarkable. Haworth, and our family of companies, has benefited from our partnership with Tricia and continues to grow and deepen.

Cassandra Volkers
Talent Attraction & Recruiting Manager / Haworth, Inc

When filling key positions in our company Tricia is our go-to consultant for our decision making. Her assessments are only the beginning of the real value she brings to our organization. I recommend that if you use her services once your ROI will keep you going back for years to come.

David DuBois
Owner / Mission Landscape Companies

We have worked with Tricia and Hiring by Design since 2001. The assessments and her feedback have played an important part in every key hire we have made over the last 20 years. Not only has Tricia helped us make more informed hiring decisions but the assessments help us create a better onboarding plan for the new employee with key insight into how to best manage the individual. Tricia is a valued partner who has played an instrumental part in our growth. I highly recommend her services to any business looking to optimize their results.

Rick Crook
CEO of QCP Corp.

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We find that clients benefit the most when they are seeking increased clarity in hiring, have been unsuccessful in hiring one or multiple roles, or hiring multiple people for just one role. We can help.
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