Becoming certified through Hiring By Design puts you in control of the use of TTI Success Insights tools in your organization.

When someone on your team has completed the steps required to become certified, they can independently use and interpret talent assessments on their own.

Why It’s Important

After your team is certified, they’ll have expert understanding of all TTI tools and theories to effectively deliver the power of assessments internally.

Additionally, your team may apply the benefits of assessments beyond hiring and into employee training, workforce planning, and mentoring. Certification in TTI Success Insights assessments will empower your people to learn by doing. They’ll use the information within assessments anytime, anywhere, and for any reason you want.

team meeting
team meeting

How We Do It

The Hiring By Design approach to certifying you or your employees keeps it simple and practical.

Learners will enroll in either a self-paced or real-time learning option, then complete an exam to verify understanding. After that, you’ll receive a certificate and be authorized to access and use the tools throughout your organization.

Success Stories

We win when our clients do. See what our clients said about Hiring By Design.

Tricia has expertly certified dozens of coaches in our organization to help us deploy DISC and Motivators to thousands of employees. She’s always there to back-stop our more challenging debriefs and projects, and to support our efforts to deepen our organizational knowledge of the inventory. We have relied heavily on the DISC and Motivators assessment, results and tools to help our leaders and employees maximize their communication effectiveness for more than 15 years and can’t imagine a better partner than Tricia for this work.

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Use Assessment Tools Anytime You Want

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