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Create an extraordinary workplace by capturing the genius in your organization.

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Selection & Hiring

Save time and money by selecting, hiring, and onboarding the best person the first time.

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Team Alignment

Build your team’s confidence while mastering their motivations to align talent with your company’s values.

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Grow Your Organization

Understand who is needed to intentionally expand your business.

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Succession Planning

Find the best fit for the next innovation at your company.

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Empower your people to use the data from assessments to build a workplace filled with talent that matches your organization’s unique values.

Finding & keeping the best people can be hard & costly. It doesn’t have to be.

When your employees’ natural talents match their work role, they will be most effective and happiest doing the job.

Meet Tricia

With over two decades into the creation of Hiring By Design, Tricia has harnessed business leaders’ curiosity and passion to recognize the genius of their team.


We succeed when our clients do. See what clients say about Hiring By Design.

Since 2001, our trusted partnership with Tricia has remained invaluable to JANUS et Cie and the company culture we hold dear. Her informed assessments have played a meaningful role in successful hiring and role development, allowing us to build a team of extraordinary individuals who are not only competent in their roles, but in championing our company’s values. Beyond hiring, these insightful reports provide employees at all levels with enlightened perspectives from which to interact with each of their colleagues, resulting in enhanced internal communications, effective problem solving and inherent trust and respect across our global teams.

Greg Gainer
President & CEO | JANUS et Cie

We’ve been happy to hire Hiring By Design to support us in creating and strengthening our team. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Tricia for over 50 debriefings on candidates and employees. At the heart of every organization’s success is its people and the resources that support their continued development, and the organization’s growth. The assessments provide the information, but the work Tricia converts information to transformation. Each debriefing is insightful and invaluable.

Nasir Kassamali
Founder and CEO of Luminaire LLC

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