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Talent Screning

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Talent Screening & Recruiting Services

Searching for the perfect job candidate?

How do you screen for
natural behavior, internal motivators and personal skills?

Talent Screening & Recruiting Services™ hand-delivers the cream of the crop to your door – uniquely screened not only for hard skills but for natural behaviors, internal motivators, and personal skills.

Utilizing Talent Management Plus™, a 37-factor analysis to hand-deliver pre-screened, pre-qualified job candidates to employers, we cut out hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars for your company because you don't have to sort through unqualified applicants. They don't even hit your deck.

How Does It Work?

Tricia Neves and her team screen job candidates not only for hard skills but for qualities that are not always easy to spot, such as natural behaviors, internal motivators and personal skills. Accurately spotting and assessing these skills and qualities are very seldom possible in a job interview.

Selecting the perfect person by design, not by gut reaction ensures that you will only see the candidates who are a talent match for the job. Our assessment process reveals the 37 hidden factors that will automatically identify the candidates who are right for the job and your company because their natural behavior, motivators and personal skills are an ideal match for what the job requires.

The Process

  • We benchmark the job and identify the behavioral traits, motivators and personal skills needed to do the job at superior performance levels
  • We write and place job advertisements on specific job boards
  • We search our fulfillment center's existing database for qualified applicants
  • All candidates are assessed with a 37 factor personal talent assessment that is used to compare them to a job benchmark
  • We incorporate demographic criteria based on the needs of the job, which limits the need to review resume after resume
  • Industry and Custom benchmarks can be loaded into the system
  • We market for the "passive" and "active" candidates
  • When new jobs are available, you can search all applicants who have applied in the past
  • Payment is based on placement, not by assessment

What Your Company Receives

  • 4 month Replacement Guarantee
  • Discounted placement fee for multiple placements in same position
  • Daily updates as to the progress of our recruiting and screening efforts
  • A dedicated Fulfillment Coordinator working to bring you the best candidate possible
  • Interview ONLY the top candidates for the job
  • Never screen hundreds of resumes again
  • Easy to understand reports, no need to become an expert
  • Take the personality contest out of internal hiring, by having internal people apply through the system
  • A New Hire Orientation Kit with each new hire consisting of a 64 page coaching report, development plan and developmental CD's
  • Save on the cost of recruiters and placement agencies with better results

Hand-In-Glove Fit

We deliver job candidates that are a hand-in-glove fit, eliminating stress and Monday morning blues by reducing mismanagement and by placing employees in jobs that are naturally suited to their behavioral preferences.

By identifying the talents candidates have and matching them to the job, your organization becomes one that provides natural on-the-job motivation because your employees are expressing their best talent in their jobs. Stop hiring by accident and start hiring by design today.


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