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Certification for Selection

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that could used in your hiring and recruiting process to help identify superior talent? Our certification program will enable you to utilize validated tools to help find the right match for your open roles.

Why become certified in talent management assessments?

Managing the people in your organization includes having professional tools and training to identify and quantify talent. Businesses today understand the need for recruiting, developing, coaching and retaining top performers with the right talent for their jobs. Talent Management assessments can help you do just that because they identify…

How people can maximize their performance by understanding:

1. How they respond to problems and challenges

2. How they influence others

3. How they respond to pace of the environment

4. How they respond to rules and procedures

Why people are motivated to take action… Are they driven by?

1. A Return on Investment

2. Learning

3. Power

4. Form or Function

5. Helping others

6. Systems and Methods

Who should invest:

Leadership, Management, HR, Recruiting, Trainers, Team Leaders, Sales and Sales Management, Coaches and Consultants will benefit from participating in certification training.

“I have been working with Tricia Neves, President of Hiring by Design and TTI assessments for over 2 years now in the capacity of Recruiting Manager with JANUS et Cie. Hiring By Design’s talent analysis has proven to be an invaluable addition to our hiring process.

The assessments have allowed us to understand the individuals we want to hire and how to best integrate them into our culture. Another benefit is the new hire being able to understand themselves better and how they can best succeed in our working culture.

JANUS et Cie has had a long history of success working with Tricia Neves and TTI assessments, having partnered with Tricia for over 14 years. With so much success in using the assessments as part of our interviewing process, I decided to become certified myself.

Becoming certified has added an even greater level of satisfaction from using TTI assessments. I am better able to speak with the hiring managers in much more depth regarding the assessments and how to interpret them.

Being certified has also allowed me to work with other areas within our organization providing additional value from the assessments for training, workforce planning and mentoring opportunities.

As a professional who evaluates people for a living, Tricia Neves and TTI assessments have provided such a tremendous value and aided in my ability to be successful in my position. I would recommend all companies consider adding Hiring By Design’s system to their hiring process as well as having someone on staff certified in the assessments.”

Garey Chambliss, Corporate Recruiter

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