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Meet Tricia Neves

Tricia Neves


Tricia Neves is President of Hiring by Design, and is a recognized leader in teaching companies how to select, attract and retain the best talent for their organizations.

She has taught hundreds of business owners, leaders and managers her system for measuring and identifying top talent and developing highly effective leadership and management solutions. It is not uncommon for Tricia’s clients to experience a $100,000 positive hit to their bottom line in less than 30 days after implementing her recommendations.

Outside of developing and overseeing her company’s innovative hiring solutions, Tricia also creates and delivers personal development courses for employees to increase their communication skills, talent based management skills and their value to their company. Consequently, the training and development programs Tricia offers and Hiring by Design result in a “win-win” situation for both the employee and the employer. The employee wins by increasing personal skills, and the employer wins by growing an effective, motivated, and productive staff.

Tricia’s straightforward style, ability to relate to her client’s often times complex hiring challenges and highly relevant and results-driven hiring processes has made her a popular and valuable go-to asset for the decision makers of companies she has worked with.

Tricia holds the following certifications: Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional EQ Analyst, and she is certified in the TriMetrix® HD System. These certifications have been awarded by Target Training International Ltd., the world leader of fully validated computerized assessments. She is also member of Target Training International’s Chairman’s Club in recognition of sales excellence and professional ethics.  Her vast experience, coupled with her down to earth approach has made her an in-demand facilitator, trainer, and consultant.

What Our Clients Say

Tricia was TTI’s 2007 “Trainer of the Year”. She has great skills in analyzing problems and challenges and coming up with solutions that are workable, practical and long lasting.

Bill J. Bonnstetter
Chairman – Target Training International, Ltd

Tricia’s work opened up my eyes to a whole new way to look at people and my organization.

She’s very knowledgable and passion is evident in everything she does.

Raj Lahoti
Managing Director at FBV & CEO at

Tricia provides our company with a wide variety of detail rich, relatable results with the assessment tools that are developed strategically to help our hiring needs and recruiting development.
The feedback Tricia provides is clear and concise! She is often “to the point” with a friendly and cheerful demeanor.
She is great to work with, I highly recommend her!
Tricia provides an invaluable service for our company.

Gretchen Adelmund
Director of Human Resources, CareMeridian

Tricia provides in depth insight into the character and makeup of recruits before they are hired and how our team can best communicate with them once they join our company. The communications platform created by this assessment provides an ongoing bond within the team. Tricia has played an instrumental part in our companies 12 years of sales growth and the growth of our corporate culture. Tricia would be a value to any company, large or small.

Paul Warren
COO at JANUS et Cie

When filling key positions in our company Tricia is our go-to consultant for our decision making. Her assessments are only the beginning of the real value she brings to our organization. I recommend that if you use her services once your ROI will keep you going back for years to come.

David Dubois
Owner, Mission Landscape Companies

Tricia has been an invaluable asset to me while working at TTI and Solutions 4 Hiring. She is extremely knowledgeable at identifying, attracting and retaining top talent. Tricia’s broad understanding and application of TTI’s products and services is exceptional. Tricia has a great vision for helping her clients achieve their objectives and is personally vested in each project she manages. I highly recommend Tricia to anyone that seeks to dramatically improve their organization. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

Kate McMillen
Talent Acquisition Leader, Organization Development at Infusionsoft

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