Hiring Is A Process

Having a Hiring Process is critical to your company’s growth and stability.  

Here’s why:

  • Hiring is expensive and doubly expensive when you hire the wrong fit and have to start over.
  • It’s easy to fall in love with a candidate and forego all that pesky vetting.
  • Whether your company is large or small having a hiring process means you level the playing field – every candidate goes through the same process.
  • With the exception of recruiters or HR executives, most people don’t have experience in hiring.  Having an agreed upon hiring process provides guidelines to follow.

What should your process include? Below are some essential steps which should be performed by someone who will have a working relationship with the new hire.  If your company has a recruiter or HR executive in charge of recruiting/hiring then no. 1, 2 and 3 might be performed by them. Otherwise these steps should not be delegated to anyone who will not have a working relationship with the hire.  

  1. Resume screening:  a careful reading of the resume looking for job specific experience and candidate’s objectives.   If impressive proceed to next step.
  2. Phone screening: this should be a short get-acquainted phone call.   If impressive proceed to next step.
  3. Face to face interview:  this can be done in person or virtually and should include the person the new hire will report to.   If impressive proceed to next step.
  4. In person interview:  depending on the job and who they report to, this step may include more than one interview with different people.
  5. Talent assessment:  if your company utilizes talent assessments to determine talent match to the job this is where I recommend you administer it.     
  6. Reference checks:  call references and be sure to include questions about their working relationship with the candidate and when they worked together.   
  7. Final interview: can be one on the phone or virtually.  By now the candidate has really impressed you so this interview is to ask those final questions (often highlighted by the assessment results) to make your final decision.  

Adhering to a Hiring Process may appear to take more time in the beginning but I can tell you that my most successful clients are the ones who hire slow because they stick to theirs.   


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